Friday, April 10, 2009

Guest Bathroom


S: Our guest bathroom before. We removed the wallpaper, old vanity, "marble" countertop (complete with lovely seashell-shaped sink) and wall-to-wall mirror. Z: Imagine: You indulge in 10 gallons of Rocky Road Ice cream. Then you puke it up into a sea shell and bake it into a rock and wash your face in it.

S: Guest bath after. We added a sink, new vanity, and new mirrors. All the walls, trim, and doors got a fresh coat of paint. This was the first finished room in our house!
Z: I believe a dove with an olive branch in its mouth would be jealous of the peace this room emits. My favorite part: the cabinets and countertop were perfectly level. Please feel free to place all your marbles on this vanity because you will not lose them. It is perfectly level. Your marbles are safe.

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