Sunday, April 12, 2009

Guest Bedroom 1

S: No need for a baby's room yet, so the former owner's baby themed room had to go. New paint for the walls, doors, and trim, and a new ceiling fan and blinds.
Z: Its a well known fact that babies love insects. My plan was to keep the baby room and convert the window into a giant ant farm and replace the fan with a giant spider. Also it needed some brown carpet (since brown and yellow are the two colors babies personally love to make)


S: No more stenciled dragon flies and flowers. What I like best about this room is the story behind all of the furnishings. We didn't have to purchase a single piece of furniture for this room. It was all passed down by family members, or rescued on trash day. The iron bed, quilt, and bedspread all belonged to my grandmother. The little dresser and night stands are from Zach's side of the family. The rocking chair in the corner was being thrown away by a neighbor! All it needed was a little paint, a new cushion, and some ribbon.

The pillow shams however, were bought with a price. Zach and I made a trip to the Linens N Things store closing sale and scored these shams for little to nothing. Or so we thought. I was so excited about the good deals we got while in the store, I thought I would review the sales receipt as we walked back to our car. bad idea. reading while walking in flip flops through a parking lot can have disastrous consequences. I jammed by big toe dead on into a cement parking space divider, which bent my toe-nail nearly half back. Every step left toward the car resulted in a spurt of blood. Luckily, Zach fixed me up with the first-aid kit in his car. lesson learned.

Z: True story, this room only cost one pint of Sarah's blood and one gallon of paint. Sentimental family vibes is the key here. I'm going to personally thank Andrew Vanderhoeven for painting the back side of that bright white bi-fold door on his Christmas break. Anytime we play Hide & Seek around here no one can shut up about how good the back side of that door looks. I dig the two oval framed silhouettes of my dad and me.


  1. this is such a sarah space. serenity and thriftiness in perfect harmony. all that is missing is your signature green. someday phil and i will have to come see this place in person. love you both.

  2. oh and i meant to tell you, when i first looked at this post and saw the first picture...I was like, "oh crap...they gave a baby bedroom to their cat!" Then I remembered your cat was named cleo and not chloe. =)