Friday, April 24, 2009

Master Bath


S: Yes bathrooms have water in them. No that does not mean that they definitively lend themselves to a seaside theme. Enough of the seashell-shaped sinks. There were 5 of them when we moved into our house, now there's just 1 left! The height of the countertop was uncomfortably low, even for me, so you can imagine how Zach felt when brushing his teeth. (Z: Don't imagine. Try it. Put a ladder in your bathroom and brush your teeth while standing on top) Then there were the lovely brass sconces which hung from the ceiling above the sink, directly above your head. Zach rewired all the outlets and light fixtures in the room, per my specifications, which turned out the be quite a task. I'm thankful for such a patient husband :) My favorite part of the bathroom is the third outlet we added, which is hidden within the tower cabinet. We can hide electric razors/toothbrushes in there and still have them charging. I'd post a picture but that would defeat the whole purpose of having them hidden, wouldn't it?
Z: The microeconomics of remodeling, something I self-deceivingly claim knowledge on while in actuality I only understand the following: I sold a crappy wicker ceiling fan in my bathroom on craigslist for $20 and replaced it with an updated $4 clearance light fixture so I made $16 and improved the value of my home. I just kicked the microrecession in the face with some microprofit.

S: We ordered new cabinets, which Zach expertly installed. There was so much wasted space before, now we have extra storage. We went from 3 drawers to 10! We used a glass cutter to cut the original wall-sized mirror down to two smaller mirrors, and framed them with frames from Hobby Lobby.

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  1. you two need to be on one of those remodeling shows. i am very impressed by you. did you change the floor? it looks good. well done well done.