Friday, April 17, 2009

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Dining Room Before

S: Take one stair case/dining room wall, add 8 enormous, gold-edged mirrors, and you've got the best "gosh darn" mirror wall ever. At least according to Thomas and Johnny. These two guys were pretty proud of the work they completed on New Years Eve, 1984. Personally, I do not like to watch myself eat or come in the front door late at night and think my reflection is about to burglarize me. No thank you. The mirror wall had to go. However, this was easier said than done. The mirrors were super heavy, and super sharp when broken. Between Zach, my mom and me, we managed to remove all the mirrors, and reveal a hidden message in the process. Drywall retexturing and paint removed the last traces of the mirror wall. We got rid of the mirrors on Craigslist. some lady wanted to use them for her belly dancing studio.
Z: The only thing I liked about the mirrors was that it made it two of Sarah. However, being able to continuously peer into the 6th dimensional mirror world made me realize how evil my doppelganger was. We'll call him Hcaz because I don't know his real name since mirrors don't allow you talk to the 6th dimension. Anyways he was evil and was always checking out my wife even though he had one of his own. Hcaz was getting too comfortable in my house so we busted the mirrors. Strangely enough, he decided to do the same thing. I guess he didn't like me either.



  1. Wait a minute, is that a high chair?

  2. surprise!
    just kidding. most of the "Before" pics were taken right after we bought the house, while the old owners were still living there.

  3. It seems that a lot of people these days have problems with mirror walls...