Saturday, June 20, 2009


We spent a whole week in Colorado visiting family on Zach's side.

Hiking on Lily Pad Lake trail
Aspen Trees

S: According to Zach, this pose is supposed to show that we're enjoying nature.
Z: No, no. It means we're dominating nature. It says "Nature, see my risen hand, respect mah authoratay? Now I will trample you as I climb this mountain"

From Left to Right: Jake , Julie, Sarah, and Zach

S: Our last day there, we pigged out on hamburgers and milkshakes.
Z: Jake is my older, thicker-faced, look-alike cousin with great comedic timing and a witty knack for impersonations. He wears winter style baseball caps in the summer because he's old and doesn't know fashion rules. Julie is his wife, who's currently pregnant and has been told by ignorant men to enjoy every minute of it.
We stayed at their house in southeast Denver. I must say my family line produces excellent hosts who go out of their way to make you comfortable, even when 8.5 months pregnant.
At this meal, we ordered what seemed to be a well sized portion of food for our group of four (4 custom burgers, 4 custom shakes, and 2 orders of sweet potato fries). I was the only one who didn't order a shake, but when the waitress came over and alerted me to a half price chocolate banana shake I raised my hand to claim it exuberantly, out of peer pressure. If you look carefully, every one of use ate only half of our food. Half the fries, half a burger, half a shake. The food tasted great, my burger was particular enjoyable with Dijon mustard, Tillamook chedder, sprouts, grilled onions, and red peppers. But none of us could battle the fullness. I felt strangely American and un-American at the same time. Like a gluttonous American tourist in china and like a European not knowing how to feast on the Fourth of July.
The conversation at the meal however produced a brilliant nickname for Sarah. In a round table discussion, a brainstorming session of sorts, we fruitfully coined the alias "JuiceBox." Sarah's petite, she likes juice. Call her Juicebox.

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