Monday, July 27, 2009

Athene's Baby Shower

S: This past weekend I helped host a baby shower for my friend Athene. A great opportunity to be crafty and make some handmade decorations and invites!

Invitations. The idea for these came from Jenn. We used fabric, buttons, hot glue, and a sewing machine. Quite a bit of work but they turned out great!

Guest book sign and vintage ceramic baby bottle to hold name tags. I bought the baby bottle on Etsy and was going to use it for flowers, but at the last minute decided it would be a perfect name tag holder. The guest book sign has the same stroller as the invitations. Just a cute reminder for guests to sign the guest book.

Oh boy, a handmade baby banner. I used three types of scrapbook paper, stencils, and a little green ribbon to create a banner for the fireplace. I cut several circles of cream colored paper using wavy scissors. Then, using the stencils, I traced the letters onto the paper and cut them out with an exacto knife. I layered a blue patterned paper behind the cut outs and glued it down to a solid blue paper circle. I made a few holes with a small hole punch and strung green ribbon through for hanging. I also inked up the edges a bit with a stamp pad.

I made lavender sachets as the game prizes. Coordinated quilting bundles come in handy for so many projects! I made a basic square pattern and cut my cotton fabric, along with a thin layer of batting to give the sachets a little more volume. Turning the fabric wrong side out, I did a single stitch all around the edges, leaving a small opening so that I could flip it right side out and fill with lavender. I filled each sachet with lavender and then used a slip stitch the close the opening. I then stitched all around the edges once more, to keep any lavender from leaking out. These are great for closets, dresser drawers, or in the dryer in place of fabric softener.

Baby bouquet. These are really fun to make. I usually use white cotton onesies for the "flowers" but this time I used baby washcloths. I always like to add a gift tag, this one has a bird's nest.

The food! Thanks Kelli and Jenn for preparing all the wonderful food! Along with regular cupcakes, we also had gluten-free ones. I made a little sign so guests would know which ones were gluten free. Of course, I love all things bird, so it had an egg on it. I also got a great vintage table cloth in blue on Ebay for just $6!

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