Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anniversary Gifts

When I got home from work yesterday, I was greeted at the door by a cheery yellow post-it note, written on by Zach's familiar scrawling hand. I had a feeling this was just the first of a long series of notes. (Once during college, Zach used an entire post-it pad and hid messages all throughout my shoes, behind picture frames, inside books...I was finding notes a year later.) This time Zach had set up a sort of scavenger hunt for my anniversary gift. Each post-it note was a clue leading me to another, and then finally my gifts...all 3 of them! Zach really outdid himself. He even put a note on the cat's collar. He got me a 4V Ryobi cordless drill, which I'm really excited about. We have the 18V which is great but after awhile it gets really heavy for me to hold. The 4V is much lighter and is perfect Sarah-size.
He also got me a beautiful flower bouquet with roses and lilies, and a sweet 'S' monogram necklace from Etsy.

Photo from Robin's Egg Blue

I gave Zach a memory book of all the letters and notes we sent one another while dating. We dated long distance, so a lot of letters were sent. Wondering what's with the bird and the paper? Zach is the piece of paper.....pale and ever so thin. I'm the egret, because I like birds and have a tendency to "groom" Zach.

We went to The Oasis on Lake Travis for dinner. Unfortunately the sun set behind the clouds, but the view of the lake was still beautiful.


  1. You guys are way way way too cute. Congrats on the anniversary!

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