Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nephew conquers a bear

Z: During the summer, we went to visit my cousins in Colorado and had a swell time dining, relaxing, and helping them set up a new room. One of them, Julie, was exuberantly with child and enjoying every minute of it while her husband, Jake, was there, eating. (In reality, I witnessed a loving husband serve his wife, I award him 100 man points) On July 5th, Julie entered the most joyous phase of pregnancy called labor. And the fruits of that labor came forth in the form of a new human, Mason Lanier. Technically speaking in genealogical terms, Mason and I are second cousins once removed, but until someone stops me I'm calling him my cousiphew. I haven't met him, but he's pretty cool even though he doesn't have a facebook page yet.
S: I agree, Mason is the only infant I know to have appeared on 2 separate blogs. And he's already fully prepared to handle those black bears in colorado....he'll just kill them with cutenes. Tiny Mason makes his needle felted bear look huge :) And thanks for letting Zach claim you as his cousiphew. It means a lot to an only child who's only chance at unclehood is through my nieces, who call him uncle cracker.

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