Saturday, August 29, 2009

New niece on the way

S: My sister will be having her third girl, Shae, this October! Her first two are pictured above. Is it possible for my sister to bring any more cuteness into this world?
One great thing about having nieces is being able to make girly presents for them! My first attempt at quilting was a pink and green baby quilt for my second niece:

Last time Zach and I went to the city wide garage sale, I picked up a bunch of vintage embroidered linens with the intention of repurposing them in to something new. I chose a standard size pillow case that was embroidered with birds and a bird cage, in pinks and blues, to make a baby gift for Shae. I cut up and sewed the pillow case to make a cover for a small accent pillow and then stitched her name onto the front.
I also made Shae two pairs of baby shoes. Thanks to my friend
Jennifer for the pattern!

Here is a similar pillow I made for my friend Brittnee and her baby boy Dylan.

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  1. Oooh the shoes are so cute! And I love the pillows. What a great way to use embroidered pillowcases!