Friday, September 25, 2009

Garage Organization Part 1

S: I promised I would share pictures of all Zach's hard work cleaning up and organizing the garage. I'll start with something little, that makes a big difference, at least to us.

Both of our garage door openers were wired along the ceiling of the garage, instead of in the attic, which is directly above, and easily accessible. This really annoyed two perfectionists such as ourselves. When we replaced the door from the garage in to the house, we had to pull all the wiring to the buttons away from the door frame. Then they just kind of hung there from the ceiling, taunting us with their glowing green buttons...for months, and months, until we had time to rewire them. You had to dodge them on your way in and out of the door not to mention reach up above you and hope you pressed the correct button for whichever door you wanted open.

Zach even took time to make a wooden piece to mount the buttons to, which I painted white before we mounted it to the wall. For the next week or so after it was fixed, I would still reach above me looking for the buttons, until I remembered they were on the wall, where they belong.

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