Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hose Reel Repair

S: Several months back we had a pretty bad hail storm that did a lot of damage. A couple days after the storm Zach discovered a baseball sized hole in the top of our plastic hose reel box. We had just purchased it and weren't willing to pay $45 for a new one when everything else was fine. But every time I went outside it taunted me with it's imperfection. Something had to be done.

My mom suggested gluing a piece of plastic on top to cover the hole...good idea! However, when I went in search of plastic at home depot, I was directed to the plexiglass. Obviously something see-through would not work. Then Zach had the great idea of using vinyl tile. I have to admit that I was against this idea at first and was skeptical of how it would look, but it turned out great. We picked up an 18" x 18" peel-and-stick vinyl tile for $2.50. I trimmed it down a couple of inches and added a little extra glue to the top of the hose reel to make sure it would stay, then pressed it down into place. Such a cheap and easy fix...I wish we had done it sooner!

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