Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Making a house a home

S: Earlier this year we remodeled our master bathroom. With all it's newness, it took a while for it to feel like ours...I've felt that with a lot of the rooms we've remodeled. So I'm usually thinking of ways to improve our space and make it feel more like home. I've been eyeing the work of cori D for a while, and recently purchased two of her prints. I'm pretty much in love with these and I really like how they look in our bathroom.

Thanks to Hobby Lobby's generous 50% off sales, I was able to get two frames for the price of one. They didn't have any white frames in the size I needed so I spray painted them. I ended up having to go to three different stores to get acid free mats cut. Apparently acid free mat board is a special order item....luckily the last store I tried sold me some leftover board. Looking back, I was pretty uncordial to the Michael's employee at the custom framing department when he informed me that they don't cut mat boards while you wait...not even regular mat board. I would have to order a precut board that would take a week to arrive. I have a problem with outsourced mat board cutting.
However, I did find two candle holders that I really liked, and ended up putting one in our bathroom. I had two 50% off coupons but could only use one at a time, so Zach got in the check out line in front of me and we ignored each other until we had successfully purchased both candle holders for $25.

I have a few special items grouped around it. The green daisy-and-button pressed glass canister was my grandmothers, and stores our cotton balls. Next to that is a sweet little wind up clock that also belonged to her. Much to Zach's dismay, it still works, and the ticking keeps him up at night unless I stick it in a drawer. I got the other canister from a resale shop, different design but same color, colonial green. So this is my happy little corner of the bathroom that keeps me on time, reminds me of my grandma, and gives a warm glow.

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