Monday, November 30, 2009

Tip top

Zach and I just finished putting up our Christmas decorations, including this mini Christmas tree in our bathroom. It was looking a little naked without a tree topper, so I made one out of felt.

First, I cut out two large stars from blue felt and sewed them together around the edges. I made sure to leave the bottom of the star open so that it could fit over the top of the tree. Then I traced out a smaller star on green felt and embroidered around the edges, before cutting it out. This made the embroidery a lot easier. To finish it off, I attached the green star to the front using fabric glue.


  1. So cute! We don't have a tree topper for our Christmas tree, so I'm hoping to find one on clearance the day after Christmas. I just might make one if I don't find one, though!

  2. So cute and creative!!! What a great idea!