Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Run, run as fast as you can

You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!

S: I'm going to have to run as fast as I can to work off all the gingerbread cookies I've eaten over the past few days. Zach's mom and her friend came to visit us over the weekend and we made gingerbread cookies. Most of them have made their way to our bellies by now, but we managed to take a few photos first.

Zach got really creative with his cookies...

Stocking turned Grinch

Z: My goals as a gingerbread cookie artist lie in the evolution of appearances away from the banality of culinary anthropomorphisms and into a whimsical yet ephemeral distortion of the breaded cookie that results in the evocation of holiday cheer. These lofty and esoteric goals were accomplished with much laborious soul searching and turning a stocking into the grinch, a snowman into a holiday shark, and a gingerbread man into rudolph. Note the transformations above and be moved to Christmas joy by a food product.
S: And of course our gingerbread namesakes, made by Zach's mom. Gingerboy Zach lost an arm somewhere along the way. And this is Cartman's cousin Ponyo that I made:

Z: In case you didn't know: Ponyo wants ham.

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  1. Your creativity has reached a new level!!! Love the cookies, especially the Grinch, shark, Rudolph, and Ponyo. How did you come up with those? AMAZING! Mrs. W