Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's is a good day for stuffed french toast...

and handmade cards.

My card to Zach (left) was drawn in Illustrator. The letters in the bowl make up our names, the numbers in the measuring cup our anniversary date. When I first designed this, the letters were green, but as it got closer to Vday I thought, hey that would make a cute valentine, so I created a version in shades of red. Zach's wonderful card to me is hand drawn. (Juicebox is a nickname of mine).

Zach's amazing gift to me was a Fenton Art Glass hobnail apothecary jar. It matches my two other pieces and I love it! I also got some pretty white carnations and green mums.

Zach concentrating hard as he attempts to master all 100 obstacles in his new Perplexus puzzle game.

We finished up the day with a lovely dinner at Ciola's Italian-American Restaurant. Zach had the veal rollatini (veal rolled with provolone, spinach and prosciutto in a marsala, mushroom and artichoke heart reduction) and I had the ravioli al tartufo (mixed mushroom raviolis tossed in a truffle cream sauce). We split a cannoli for dessert. Also our $25 coupon that we bought for $1 from kept a high class meal under $45.

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