Monday, April 12, 2010

Footstool slipcover

When my grandmother moved a few years ago, my mom ended up with one of her footstools. The base was still beautiful but the upholstery had seen better days, so we recovered it.

My mom recently gave me the footstool. The fabric was still in really good condition, but I wanted something a little more neutral to blend with our decor, so I made a slipcover. I used two of my favorite value fabrics, burlap and muslin, keeping the total cost under $5.




  1. this is absolutely adorable! so, so cute! i'll be linking you on friday!

  2. I saw your ottoman featured at Pink and Polka Dot, and I had to say how adorable I think it is! It looks amazing- I'm just learning to sew, so I don't feel up to something like this just yet, but I'll have to try this eventually- love it.

  3. Such a cute little stool. I have an ottoman that I am about to recover. Who knew slipping could be so much fun.

  4. This is the most darling thing!

    p.s. does your burlap smell? all the burlap i find has a really strong fuel smell.

  5. It smells a little musty at first, but after it airs out for a couple days it's not very noticeable