Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pun Off

Each year, the O Henry Pun Off is held in Austin. There are two competitions, Punniest of Show and Punslingers. Punniest of Show competitors deliver a 90 second prepared speech, while Punslinger competitors deliver improvised puns. This year our friend Athene competed in Punniest of Show.

say cheese!

For your entertainment, here is our very own Punslinger competition. The topic is crafting (Zach's suggestion, honest)

S: Sew, you wanna grab a bite to eat tonight?
Z: Oh scrap! Booking a dinner reservation will be emboss-ible at this hour.
S: It seams that you forgot about my feltings.
Z: Are you going to kiln me?
S: I haven't a glue.
Z: Don't do it, you'll cover the carpet with thread blood.
S: I'm going to needle little help with dinner then.
Z: Thanks sweetie! You're cer-amicable!
S: We can selvage what's left of last night's dinner.

This could go on for hours....we'll let you decide who the winner is.

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