Monday, June 14, 2010

Rocky Road

There's a small patch of dirt between our front walkway and the side of our house. It's not really wide enough to serve as a flower bed, and since it's not connected to the rest of the lawn whatever is planted there would have to be continually watered by hand. I considered planting some succulents there but new they would eventually trail across the walkway and be crushed with all the foot traffic.

There was actually a bush planted where the green pot now sits, but we ripped that out shortly after we moved in since it stuck halfway out into the walkway and groped you with its scratchy branches every time you walked by. Ever since then the spot has been occupied by dirt and weeds.

We decided that decorative rocks were the best solution. No water required and they would keep away the weeds. We chose marble chips because they were inexpensive and the white color went well with the limestone on our house.

We dug out a couple inches of dirt then leveled the spot with sand.

30 minutes and $15 dollars later...

I can't believe we lived so long with this eyesore...I didn't realize how bad it looked until the rocks were down. Quite a contrast. I hope this inspires you to complete that little project you've been putting off for so long!


  1. Nice one! I want to see your house so badly!!

  2. Once again, I'm impressed with the Kirks and their creative ideas! MRS. W