Friday, August 13, 2010

Free Four Star Dinner and Other Anniversary Surprises

Z: I've been working on a few time intensive carpentry projects such as a custom craft table and wall shelves. Essentially these were Sarah's anniversary gifts, but I still wanted to give her something with that romantic lovey-dovey quality attached. I used a short birch log that we already had, cut one end square so it could stand, and then carved our names with a heart around them. You would think that means that we love each other, and you would be correct. Since this is a common symbol, and I think I'm too good for common, I had to make it a bit more unique by adding our anniversary date and three hashmarks to count off our third anniversary. The "Special Edition Commemorative Anniversary Branch" as I'm calling it will serve to record our time together as we add a hashmark to it every year. Cue the marital bliss.

S: Wednesday night for dinner we went to Jeffrey's in downtown Austin. We started our meal off with an appetizer of crispy oysters and complimentary gruyere cheese bread. The manager stopped by our table to greet us and our waiter was friendly and attentive, making sure we had whatever we needed. For the main course, Zach ordered quail and I ordered BBQ shrimp. Just as I was about the start eating, I spied  something long, black, and curly in my dish. Yep, it was a hair. Our waiter was very apologetic and offered us a complimentary dessert. Then about half way through our entree the waiter came back and let us know that my entree would be taken care of as well. For dessert we ordered ice cream sandwiches made with homemade banana ice cream and vanilla wafers. By this point I was stuffed but I managed to eat two ice cream sandwiches. Pleased with the service, and satisfied with our meal, the waiter brought us our check, which came to a grand total of.....$0.00!

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