Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hot Water Heater

Our house turned 26 years old this year, along with the hot water heater. Although still heating pretty well, it was far from efficient. Our high gas bill was proof of this. So when we heard about the Texas Trade Up Appliance Rebate Program this past spring, we decided it was the perfect opportunity to replace our hot water heater.

Our water heater is in an interesting location. It has it's own little closet on the exterior of our house, about 4 feet up from the ground.


Zach removed the old water heater and prepped the space. First, he insulated the interior of the closet and sealed everything off with silicon caulk. The kitchen pantry shares a wall with the hot water heater closet, and this has helped quite a bit to keep the heat out and the pantry cool. 

The old water heater didn't have a pan, and the plywood platform it was sitting on had rotted over the years from small drips here and there. Zach ripped out the plywood and reframed the base before adding a new platform.

We upgraded from a 40 gallon to a 50 gallon size and our friend Shiva (Z: the manliest man this side of the millenium) came over to help Zach lift the water heater up in to the closet. They got creative and built a platform to make the job easier. I stood by ready to call 911 in case anything went awry.


On the surface, it's not the most drastic transformation, but we've really noticed a difference in both our gas bill and the extra hot water the new heater provides.

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  1. I laughed cause I always have phone in hand too with projects like these. Enjoy the abundant heat.