Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Project: Garden Bed

S: Zach and I have been thinking about putting in a vegetable garden for some time, so when we heard about an online promo for a raised-garden bed kit at a ridiculously low price, we ordered one right away. Unfortunately, the deal was too-good-to-be-true, and we received an email later that week notifying us that our order could not be fulfilled.
Undaunted, we did a little online research, and with plans in hand, headed to the home improvement store the following Saturday. As is often the case with DIY projects, we were able to accomplish something bigger and better for a lot less money.

We purchased all the supplies needed to build an 8' x 4' cedar garden bed for just $37 (We already had a few items on hand, like the wood screws and metal strap). A 4' x 4' kit, which is half the size, will set you back $38.

Three 2"x6"x8' cedar boards
One 2"x4"x8' cedar board
One 10 foot 1" PVC pipe
Two 10 foot 1/2" PVC pipe
Metal strapping
Wood screws

Z: As you can see, its a rectangle with legs. The construction was fairly simply. One of the 2x6x8 boards, must be cut in half to yield two 2x6x4's. The four 2x6's are then screwed together to make a rectangle. The remaining 2x4x8 is then cut into four 2 foot long sections. Each section is screwed into the corner to add stability to the corner joint and to provide a post to secure the bed into the ground.
The 1" PVC is cut into four 6" long sections and attached to the inside of the bed using the metal strap and screws. The 1/2 PVC is cut into 8ft long sections and fitted into the 1" sections to make the looped frame for netting.

S: The four corner posts sit about a foot down into the ground. We've got a lot of limestone in our yard, so clearing the space and digging the holes was a lot of work....and we have a bent pick axe to prove it.

Z: We added some left over gravel and sand around the edge to provide better drainage and keep the wood from rotting. It'll also protect the bed when doing the lawn as now I won't have to beat the wood up with my weedeater.

I made these decorative endcaps using my router just for fun since I had some scrap cedar laying around

S: So far we've got a row of herbs in and hope to plant some vegetables soon!


  1. You always make things look so easy and fun:) Happy planting growing and eating!!!

  2. It looks great! The stones around it are a great idea. I keep having grass creep into mine.

  3. You did a great job in making your own garden bed! You make it look so easy because it looks so simple, and the materials you used were just woodboards and PVC pipes. Now I plan on making one of my own. Thanks!

    Carl Patten