Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fireplace Candleholder

Before we moved in, our house suffered a chimney fire. According to the home inspector, some of the tiles were damaged, making it dangerous to have a fire in the fireplace. It's now two and a half years later and we have yet to make any effort to repair it. Adding to our lack of motivation is the fact that we live in central Texas, and on this mid December day it's a sunny 70 degrees.
However, I was getting a little tired of the gaping black hole under our mantle and dreamt up a cheap and easy solution. Easy meaning my 24-hour on-call handyman Zach was there to assist me. (You can view our first fireplace project here)

We went on a post-Thansgiving walk in a wooded area near my mom's house, looking for logs to use for our project.

Zach cut the logs down to size using a miter saw, then screwed them together to form the base of the candleholder. We decided to use a variety of candles, including tapers and tealights. Using forstner drill bits, Zach drilled holes into the wood to hold the candles.

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