Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Tea

Each year our church holds a holiday tea. This year I helped host a table with my friends Kelli and Kristin.  The hostesses are responsible for decorating their table with a holiday theme and providing party favors for their guests.

For the table linens, I made a burlap table cloth with fringed edges and cloth napkins in a purple snowflake pattern. We used shank buttons and purple ribbon for the napkin rings, wrapping the ribbon around the napkin and pulling it through either side of the loop in the back of the button.

For the table centerpiece, we used silver candlestick holders, topped with purple and gold ornaments. We placed the candlesticks on a silver tray and decorated it with holiday picks and gold buttons, like those used for the napkin rings. These are some of the same items I use for our dining room table centerpiece at home:

For party favors we filled small spice jars with different shades of purple M&Ms, complete with embroidered jar covers to serve as placecards.

I invited my friend Weihua from work- here we are in front of our table:

There was a choral performance and Speaker Tammy Maltby shared about "Christmas Kitchen Traditions" and provided a cooking demonstration, which we got to sample, yum!

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