Monday, January 3, 2011

Beverage Servers

Punch bowl vs. beverage server?
I'm definitely on the beverage server side of this debate.

Argument # 1: You can put beverages other than punch in a server. Sure a punch bowl can hold any liquid, but do you really want to be that hostess who filled her punch bowl with water? A server filled with water, on the other hand, looks classy.

Argument #2: Servers have spigots. We've all been there; the clumsy guest who spilled punch all over the tablecloth while trying to use that enormous ladle to pour a drink into their tiny plastic cup.

Argument #3: Servers have lids. Very useful for keeping out things like sneezes and whatever else might make its way into your punch bowl.

These, among other reasons, are why I set out to find a set of beverage servers. I knew I wanted something with a stand or pedestal, but the majority of these were pretty expensive. Then I had an idea:

I have to give credit to my four sources of inspiration: Pottery Barn, Young House Love for their pet feeding station idea, Target, and Zach, who always ensures the structural integrity of my ideas.

I purchased two inexpensive servers at Target and Zach helped me build stands for them. We used crown molding blocks for the legs and assembled the rest from scrap wood we had on hand. Zach used a router to give the top a nice edge, and then I gave both stands a couple coats of white semi-gloss paint.

I found the little white dishes at Goodwill, and they help to catch any drips.

Did you spy the beverage tags in the picture above? More on those tomorrow...