Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meow Meow Meow Meow

Our already low maintaince cat has become even less demanding thanks to this:

Introducing the Ergo Systems Auto Pet Feeder. That's right, we're living the American dream, and automating yet another one of our daily chores. We're one step closer to the House of Tomorrow.

Our cat, like many cats, insists on sitting outside our bedroom door every morning and meowing. For hours. Or until we get out of bed and feed him. And if we have overnight guests, he figures he'll have better luck outside their door. Our motives for buying an automatic pet feeder were not based entirely on laziness though. We also wanted a better way to feed him when we went out of town, instead of leaving a bowl full of food for him to gorge himself on.

We'd been considering this purchase for a while, but finally had the incentive to buy one thanks to Offermatic, which offered us a $30 discount to Vitamin Emporium, where we bought the pet feeder.

This thing holds over 40 cups of food, which translates to over 40 daily feedings for our cat. After researching several different products, the Ergo pet feeder was the only one to receive consistently positive ratings. One of the biggest complaints about other models was that the cat figured out how to get food out of the dispenser whenever they wanted.

So we've solved the early morning feedings, but of course our cat still demands several hours of lap time and paw kneading each day. But we're happy to oblige.

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  1. I so need this. My cat cries her eyes out in the morning waiting to be fed.