Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You run, you slide...

you hit the bump and take a dive! (If you have no idea what you just read, click the video below and be transported back to 1991.)

So why the reference to backyard summer fun in the middle of March? This is why:

The sprinkler system is finally done! But I'm getting ahead of myself...let's recap the final stage of the project (Read the rest of the story here).

We dug up and replaced all of the valves and valve boxes and did a little rewiring.

And since we're now experts at replacing sprinker heads, here's a brief how-to:

What You'll Need:
Teflon tape
PVC pipe cutter
Sprinkler head

First, dig around the old sprinkler head until you reach the white PVC pipe at its base. Take care while digging so you don't break the underground line. Unscrew the old head and throw away. You may need to clean out the PVC pipe if it has a bunch of gunk in it. Wrap the end of the riser with teflon tape and screw in to the sprinkler line. Screw on the sprinkler head to determine the right height. You want the top of the head to be level with the ground so it doesn't get damaged by the lawnmower or foot traffic. Unscrew the sprinkler head and cut the riser at one of the unthreaded sections, using a PVC pipe cutter. One you've cut your riser to the correct height, wrap the top with more teflon tape and screw on the sprinkler head. Fill in the hole and your done! Repeat 30 times.

We also installed micro-drip lines in some of the flower beds. Adapters are available that can be easily screwed onto a riser where you would normally install a sprinkler head. From this adapter you can run flexible rubber hosing that connects to a variety of drip irrigation heads, like the one below.

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