Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kristin's Baby Shower

My friend Kristin is eagerly waiting for her little girl to arrive in June, and I had the honoring of hosting a baby shower for her this past weekend.

Every great baby shower starts with cute invitations, right? I designed the invitations in Adobe Illustrator and printed them out at home on plain white cardstock.

Please excuse the censored text...but you get the idea. Then I added a special touch to the blank space at the top of the invite, bunting!

I cut out small triangles of scrapbook paper for the bunting, and attached them to the invite with a little bit of glue before using my sewing machine to sew them to the paper. Sewing through paper will dull your needle quite a bit, so be sure to replace it with a new one before you sew any fabric projects.

For decorations, I sewed a pink fabric bunting for the mantel and made crepe paper balls of roses (tutorial here), which I hung above the table. If you'd like to try your hand at making one, give yourself plenty of time, because they are very time consuming to make! The larger balls took two full rolls of crepe paper. I skipped a couple of steps in the tutorial to save some time, and found that it didn't really affect the appearance of the ball. First, I didn't crumple the crepe paper. I simply folded over the top edge of the crepe paper when rolling my flowers so they would look more natural. Second, I only used two drops of hot glue, one at the beginning, after a few rolls, and another at the end, to keep the flower from unraveling.

Her crib bedding is bird themed so I made a bib, burp cloth, and blanket using a black and pink bird print. Instead of using a gift bag or box, I packaged it all up in a metal bird cage.

I followed this tutorial to make the heart cut-out in the blanket. Here's a view of the back of the cut-out after it's been turned and pressed:

And here's the front before adding the lining fabric:

There were little flags for the cupcakes...

and bunting for the cake...

In lieu of a traditional guest book, I designed these little cards:

Guests wrote a special message then tied them to a vase of branches with ribbon. Later, I put them on a ring for the mom-to-be to take home with her.

Each guest got to take home some homemade beeswax lip balm.

Congratulations Kristin, we can't wait to meet your little girl!


  1. I think you just need to become a professional shower planner :)

  2. haha, why thankyou. I couldn't have done it without the other hostesses, they prepared all the food!

  3. How beautiful! I especially love the invitations, but you have always had a good eye for making them.

  4. What a beautiful shower! I love the invitations!

  5. For goodness sakes, that was amazing!!! You are amazing!