Thursday, April 7, 2011

Patio Steps

Since I failed to get a good before pic of this project, I'll have to make do with this old property listing photo. See that lattice that closes in the patio? And that teeny tiny opening to the backyard at the right?

At some point there was a hot tub out here, so we figure the lattice was there for privacy. Along with those red shades that you can just make out at the right of the picture. Steamy.

Here's a picture of Zach working on the sprinkler system, during which he got sidetracked and tore down one of the lattice panels. You can also see the edge of the flower bed, which had to be moved over a few feet.

Here's how it looked after we moved the flower bed and removed the second panel:

Next, we needed to extend the step so there wasn't such a sharp drop from the patio to the yard. We tore out the old step so we could build one solid step that extended all the way to the flower bed. We used pressure treated pine and secured it to the concrete patio slab using masonry screws. We also filled in around the step with gravel to improve drainage and prevent the boards from rotting.

You can spy the beginnings of our next project in the photo above...any guesses? It's got something to do with that white blob behind the bushes.

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