Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tearing down walls

Zach and I decided to jump right in and tackle two of the biggest projects we have planned: replace all the carpet with wood laminate, and tear down part of the wall connecting the kitchen to the dining room, to make the opening bigger and better accomodate our side-by-side fridge.

I ripped up all of the carpeting and tack strip in the formal living/dining yesterday, while Zach got to work on the kitchen wall. Before, it was a standard sized doorway with a pocket door.

 You can see in the picture below how the freezer door opens up into the wall.

Zach, looking somewhat deranged, and demonstrating his new reciprocating saw, which we bought on Craigslist for 15 bucks!

So far Zach has removed the pocket door and trim and widened the doorway by several inches. Once the doorway is trimmed out, we'll be able to start laying the flooring.

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