Friday, July 29, 2011


I picked up a few plants at the grocery store that were "reduced for quick sale." I was expecting half dead annuals, but surprisingly I found quite a few perennials, and they looked like they were still pretty healthy. I have a thing about annuals; I rarely buy them because I can't justify paying money for a plant that is just going to die by the end of the year. I prefer perennials because they come back year after year and are usually a little more hardy than annuals.

I bought three salvia plants for 99 cents each and a gaura for just 50 cents. I'd been planning to buy a few salvia plants anyways, since they are pretty low maintenance and don't require a lot of water. Technically, salvia is an annual in colder climates, but in Texas it can be a perennial. I actually bought salvia splendens, which isn't quite as hardy as the salvia greggi that we had at our old house. I took a chance on the gaura since I didn't know anything about it. It turns out that gaura is native to Texas, grows well in hot climates, and is tolerant of drought.

When they get a bit bigger they will hopefully look something like this. We'll see...


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  1. Ha! I collected a few of these beautiful plants from a grocery store give-away. They started small, without flowers but have turned into plants nearly as nice as the picture you posted. Cool. I hope the Kansas winter doesn't do them in. Good luck with your's!