Sunday, August 28, 2011

August: The worst month to clean out your garage

We put a hold on some of our indoor projects to get the garage cleaned and organized. The sawdust from cutting the flooring was several inches high, and it was beginning to look like a sandy beach, minus the cool water and refreshing sea breeze. So we drug everything out into the driveway and then tore out the garage ceiling. Weren't expecting that, were you? Yes, we ripped down the perfectly good drywall covering the ceiling in our finished garage. I admit it was a bit painful for me to watch, but it was all in the name of organization. Zach did most of the demo while I helped clean up the mess. Between the leaf blower, shop-vac, and air-compressor, we rid the garage, and everything in it, of all its dust and dirt. Now that the ceiling is opened up, we're able to use all the rafter space for storage, getting a lot of things off the garage floor.

We even found a couple of surprises up there, like pool cue chalk, an antique ball canning jar and a newspaper from 1970.

Lovely brown and yellow laminate covers part of the floor.  For now we've decided not to remove it; it's stuck very firmly in place with a lot of glue. We will be re-taping the edge, though.

We also have a storage shed in the backyard for all our yard tools. At one time it served as a port-a-potty for all the neighborhood roaches, kind of like Joe's Apartment. Let's just say it looked like someone took a gallon tub of chocolate sprinkles and dumped it all over the floor. As gross as it was, I'd rather clean up a ton of roach poop than have to deal with one live cockroach. Ugh.

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  1. Can't wait to see more. Garage organization is on my Fall to do list. The drywall needs a coat of paint and I need to get stuff up off the floor.