Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kitchen prep

Before we could install the counter tops, we had a few problems to tackle, including wiring, drywall repair, and nest removal. We weren't surprised about the wiring and drywall, but were not expecting to find what looked like a bird nest behind the wall. After a little investigating, we found an abandoned nest in the eaves of the attic, right above this spot, and think pieces from the nest must have fallen down into the wall. It was pretty easy to clean out; I just used our shop vac and vacuumed it up.

The second problem was the light above the kitchen sink. When we moved in there was no light fixture above the sink, just a hole and a couple of wires capped with wire nuts.  But the repair involved more than just installing a new light fixture, because the light above the sink was on the same switch as the track lighting on the ceiling. In other words, if you wanted the light above the sink to be on, you had to turn on all the lights in the kitchen.

The hole in the photo below was actually made a few weeks ago when Zach removed the main control box for the radio/intercom system in our house. Although it still worked, the sound quality was pretty terrible, not to mention how unnecessary an intercom system is in a 1900 sq ft home, where you can easily hear someone talking from the other end of the house. And that tangle of wires to the right is where the switch for the kitchen lights was (this is the wall in our breakfast nook that separates the kitchen from the laundry room).

Zach got up in the attic, no small feat during a Texas summer, and ran new cable. Now the light above the sink has it's own switch, just to the left of the sink.

Once all the wiring was done, we repaired the drywall, since it was in pretty bad shape when we pulled off the laminate backsplash. (you can see where we patched it with the purple drywall). I take full credit for the slightly wonky drywall work, but since we'll be tiling over it, it didn't need to be perfect.

The sink we bought is designed to sit on top of the counters, but we decided to undermount it, which meant it had to be installed before the counters went in. Zach cut out part of the base cabinet to accommodate the sink apron, and reinforced the cabinet sides to hold the weight of the sink.  The faucet is a pull-down model by Price Pfister, bought on Amazon.  We've primed the drywall and installed the counters on either side of the sink. We'll post some pictures soon.

So what's left on the kitchen to-do list?

  • Remove the remaining laminate countertops
  • Install the rest of the the butcher block
  • Tile the backsplash
  • Install light fixture above sink
  • Trim out cabinet fronts
  • Prime and paint cabinets
  • Replace cabinet hardware
  • Paint walls
  • Make homemade pasta, my promise to Zach once the kitchen is finished


  1. You guys are amazing! Can't wait to see how the sink turns out as an under mount - we mounted ours on top of the countertops.