Monday, September 19, 2011

Master bedroom progress

If you remember from the bedroom inspiration board I shared, I wanted an upholstered headboard with wooden trim. I wasn't set on the color of the wood, but knew I wanted something with curvy, simple lines that I could upholster myself.


And so began the search. Naively, I thought it would be pretty easy to find what I was looking for. After all, there's a ton of secondhand French provincial furniture out there. We checked craigslist, Goodwill, two antique malls and a flea market, all without success. I did spot a few headboards that had the right shape, but none were queen size. I kept checking craigslist, convinced something would turn up. And I finally found something that would work....except for the $400 price tag. Why the high price? It was the Charlotte headboard from Pottery Barn, which retails for $500 (plus $75 shipping), and according to the seller had never been used.


Although it wasn't a terrible price, we figured it would probably cost about the same to buy a new already-upholstered headboard. So I decided to take a chance and offered the seller $200 for it, an offer which they politely declined. By now you're probably wondering why I'm giving you so many details about a headboard I didn't buy, but there's a happy ending to this story. Three weeks later the headboard was reposted on craigslist with a lower price of $325. I made an offer a bit higher than my last, and ended up getting the headboard and a metal frame for $285!

We still need to get nightstands and choose a paint color for the walls...oh and patch the hole left from the intercom speaker.

We had to make a few changes to the frame and headboard; we replaced the regular casters with adjustable ones, to raise the height a little, and drilled new holes in the headboard to attach the frame. I also hemmed our bed skirt a few inches. I'd eventually like to add an upholstered panel, but haven't quite decided how I want it to look.

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