Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cheers! The bar is in

We installed the rest of the kitchen counters, along with the bar, a couple weeks ago. (Read our last kitchen update here).

A few before photos to refresh your memory:

First, we had to tear out all the drywall above the stove so we could screw the bar top into the wall.

To get the drill into such a tight space, Zach used a right angle drill attachment. He attached the bar top to the wall studs using deck screws.

For added support, we mounted wood brackets (which I primed and painted white) on to the other side of the wall, below the bar.


  1. Ooooh looking so cottage cozy. The wood bar is fabulous!

  2. Y'all have done a beautiful job! I love your counters!!!

  3. You have such heart for turning ugly houses into tastefully functional ones. Love it. Hope all is going well in Houston.