Monday, October 3, 2011


I really dislike cords cluttering up our office space, but know they're a necessity. At least until 2030 when everything goes wireless and we're driving hover cars. But until then, we came up with a clever way to keep most of those cords concealed. I'll take full credit for the idea, and give Zach full credit for all the hard work.

We have a small closet in the hallway off our office, with a small shelf. It was just the right size to hold one of our printers (Zach recently purchased a black and white laser jet printer for pharmacy school, to cut down on the cost of printing with our color ink jet printer), our backup drive, and wireless router. Zach cut another board to make the shelf a little deeper, so the printer would fit.

My dad came over and helped Zach run new cable in the attic, and now our little coat closet is wired for Ethernet and electricity. And there's still plenty of room to store our winter coats, (for the one month out of the year when we will need them).

We plan to eventually put a vent in the closet, somewhere inconspicuous, to vent the hot air created by the electronics.

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