Thursday, October 20, 2011

Parchment Packaging for Holiday Treats

Holiday season has arrived and you may be looking for a creative way to package all those holiday treats. Ziploc bags and plastic wrap certainly have their place, but with a little bit of effort you can add a little class to your holiday food packaging.  Here's what you'll need:

parchment paper
paper cutter
hole punch
twine or ribbon
sewing machine

The size of your parchment envelopes will obviously depend on what you're packaging. First, cut a rectangular piece of parchment paper. I used a paper cutter to make sure the edges were nice and straight. Fold up one of the short ends (A) of your rectangle, but do not fold completely in half. Leave a few inches of extra paper at the top.

The next step is to sew your envelope closed. You can sew the paper just like you would fabric. Just sew a straight stitch up both sides of the envelope and along the top edge of unfolded paper (B). Fold down the top edge (B) to create the top flap of the envelope.

Use a hole punch to punch four holes in your envelope; two near edge A, and two near edge B. Make sure the two sets of holes line up.

Fill with your favorite treat and tie closed with twine. My envelopes were for Halloween so I used orange thread and black and white twine.

I filled them with rocky road fudge...mmm


  1. Have you thought of selling these? Seems like a great idea for those who don't sew.