Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Science geek, even in his sleep

A few nights ago, I was woken up in the middle of the night by a beeping noise outside our bedroom. Zach had been studying hard all day and didn't wake up, so I nudged him.

Me: "Did you hear that beeping noise? What was it? Can you get up and check?"
Zach: Incoherent mumbling
Me: "That beeping noise...what is it?"
Zach: "It's an atom forming."

He then went on to describe the atom to me. I thought he was joking because he was awake enough to get up and check on the noise (which turned out to be the low-battery alarm for our carbon monoxide alarm).

We both fell asleep and the next day he asked "Did I say something about an atom last night?"  I bust out laughing. Only Zach would dream about atoms forming.


  1. That's my boy!!! Keeps me laughing, too ;-) lyf

  2. That made my day! I busted out laughing too. From one science teacher to another...go geeks!