Thursday, October 13, 2011

Short people

In the words of Randy Newman, short people got no reason to live.

Whoever installed the peephole in our front door was obviously going for form over function. It was situated directly in the center of the top four panels, which looked nice, but made it too high for me to see out of, even when standing on my tippy-toes. It was not a short peephole.

Peephole placement before
(in case you're wondering, that brown line is wood putty)

How to Plug a Peephole

wooden dowel rod
wood glue
hand plane
wood putty
sand paper
flush cut (or Japanese) saw
1/2" drill bit

First, I removed the peephole by unscrewing it from the inside (something about that sentence doesn't sound right). Then I took a 1/2" wooden dowel rod and, using a hand plane, shaved it down a bit so it would fit in the hole left in the door. Using the saw, I cut the dowel to the thickness of the door, leaving a little extra length. I coated the dowel with wood glue and hammered it into the hole. After the glue dried, I used the saw and plane to shave down the dowel until it was flush with the door, then applied wood putty. Once the wood putty was dry, I smoothed it out with sand paper. To re-install the peephole, I simply drilled another hole a few inches down, using a 1/2" drill bit, and screwed it back in.

Inside of door after patching the hole and re-installing peephole
Outside of door before sawing off the excess dowel rod

Outside of door after sawing off dowel and applying wood putty

Between the patched peephole and changing out the locks when we moved in, the whole door needed a fresh coat of paint. Like the rest of the interior trim and doors, we used Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Bleached Linen.

I also touched up the outside of the door with the same black paint. (Thankfully it was left by the previous owner.)

But enough about peepholes, on to the mailhole mailbox.

At our last house we had a community mailbox at the end of the street, so we had a bit of a walk to check the mail. In our new neighborhood, all the mailboxes are right outside the front door, and our mail carrier delivers the mail on foot. Great location but not very good placement, for this too needed to be moved down several inches. Before, I couldn't see in the the mailbox and had to reach up and in, digging around until I could find the mail, freaked out the entire time of grabbing a hornet's nest or big furry spider. Luckily this was an easy fix and now I can check the mail without fear.

And short people have got one more reason to live, thanks to the change in our laundry room. More on that tomorrow.

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