Monday, November 21, 2011

Gallery Wall

Last week I unpacked all our wall decor.  I was a little worried about finding a space for everything, since we don't have as much wall space as before. We have a fairly large wall space by the front door, which can be seen from the dining room and office, so I decided to create a gallery wall. Here's a few I pinned for inspiration.

There are a lot of ways to create a gallery wall. Some people like to lay everything out on the floor and arrange it, then mark off spots on the wall. I just started hanging. I randomly hung up three of the larger pieces first then started filling in around them with smaller pieces. I think this is the least complicated way to do it if you're ok with a little randomness in spacing. I ended up only having to adjust two nails.

Most of the pieces on this wall were handmade by Zach, myself, or a family member. There are photos, drawings, and paintings done by Zach and me, a piece of embroidery from my grandmother, and photographs taken by my uncle. I didn't change out anything in the frames, everything just seemed to go together. Despite my love of white decor, we sure have a lot of dark framed pictures.

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