Monday, November 28, 2011

Hazelnut Cream

I like monochromatic rooms done in creams and whites. I suppose some people find that boring, but I think it can create a calm and inviting space.

Don't you feel calmer now?

The guest bedroom before. Not much to see here besides yellow walls and brown carpet. Good night moon.

The walls went from sunshine yellow to Hazelnut Cream, by Behr, and the trim and doors got a fresh coat of white semigloss.

Hazelnut Cream

I added a little color and a bit of pattern with the drapes and throw pillows, all of which we already owned. I borrowed the bench from the foot of our bed to add some seating. Zach and I both agree we like it better in here, so it will probably stay. (We've purchased a pair of armchairs for our room so we won't be losing any seating.)