Friday, November 4, 2011

Mattress Modification

We're having our first overnight guests this weekend, which motivated us to get the guest bedroom set up. Up until now it's been a dumping ground for boxes and furniture.

We have an antique iron bed, inherited from my grandmother. Someone had pieced together a plywood platform that sat on top of the metal frame, and on top of which the box spring sat. We figured it was just there for extra support, and craigslisted the wood before moving, rather than packing all of it into the moving truck. When we went to set up the bed at our new house we realized why the wood was there. Our modern-day box spring no longer fit on the antique bed frame; it was too long. I didn't get a before picture, but where the rails met the headboard and foot board there were metal pieces that kept the box spring from sitting down inside the rails. We considered a few different solutions:

Build another plywood platform? Purchasing all that wood would be expensive, and the mattress was already pretty high off the floor. It would be nice if the box spring could sit down inside the rails.

Lengthen the rails? This would require welding, and with no welding experience or tools this would be difficult and costly.

The only option left was to modify the box spring and the ends of the rails. Zach used a reciprocating saw and a blade made for cutting metal to remove the pieces of metal at the ends of the rails, so the box spring could fit down inside them.

However, there was also a rail at the bottom of the foot board that was in the way. Zach removed the fabric covering the box spring to reveal the wood frame (and other high quality materials used to build it, like cardboard).

After a little carpentry, Zach reshaped the box spring so it angled in at the bottom and fit inside the foot board.

He then stapled the fabric back on using a nail gun and brads. The entire project took about three hours to complete and was completely free! We realize if we ever need to replace the box spring we will be in the same situation, but decided that we could always lengthen the rails later on.

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  1. The room turned out lovely! Thanks for letting us stay with you. The whole house is amazing - you guys are doing a wonderful job making it your own. :)