Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Cards

For the past two years I've made hand stamped postcards for Christmas. This year I decided to do cards. For the cover, I drew a picture of Zach and me decorating a Christmas tree. 

We picked a quote by Frank McKibben for the inside: 

"This is Christmas: not the tinsel, not the giving and receiving, not even the carols, but the humble heart that receives anew the wondrous gift, the Christ."  

I took the design to FedEx where I had color copies made. The copies lost some of the detail of the original, like the metallic gold I used for the garland and star, but I think they still turned out pretty cute.

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, I just love these! Now you have me thinking about what I could do for our family cards next year.

  2. They were a lot of fun to make! I think I may have to make another one next year.