Friday, December 2, 2011

The Saga of the Reading Chairs

A couple months ago Zach and I went into World Market during their "Rug Caravan" sale to look for a rug for our master bedroom. Unfortunately, when we got there, we found they don't carry any rugs larger than 5' x 7'. Turning to leave the rug section, we passed by the furniture and I saw an armchair with a sign that read "Sarah, buy me." Can you believe it? Ok, not really, but it might as well have said that. I'd been looking for chairs for our bedroom since June and this one had everything I was looking for. I wanted something comfy with arms that had a traditional shape and patterned fabric, preferably in a shade of blue. The "Reading Chair" met all my ridiculous specifications, and as a bonus, the fabric had a vintage feel, reminding me of the fabric on my grandmother's armchair, (which has been retired until we can have it reupholstered).

And as a super bonus, it was on sale for $240. Unfortunately, they only had one in stock, and it was already on hold for another customer. However, they told us they would be getting a new shipment in soon and gave us a rain check for two chairs at the sales price.

I eagerly waited for our new chairs to arrive, but after about a week with no news I called the store, only to find out they had been discontinued! I was frustrated. Why the heck did they issue a rain check if there were not enough chairs available? They were completely sold out online and none of the stores in Texas had any more in stock. After talking two three different managers I finally found two chairs in stock at a store in California. So I had them call California and see if they would ship the chairs to the Houston store. (At this point I'm sure a sign went up on the store front with my photo that read "Do not do business with this woman".) Sure they'd ship the chairs, but I would have to pay for the shipping. 'Ok', I thought, 'I can live with that, I really like these chairs and they're on sale'. That was until I found out freight shipping through UPS would cost around $500, at which point I knew I was defeated. Ready to give up I tried one last desperate google search and ended up at At first I was a little skeptical, having never heard of the website, but checked it out through the BBB and found that it was a legitimate company. With uShip you can create a free account and get competitive shipping bids from multiple companies. I posted a request to have the chairs shipped from California to Houston and by the next morning had three bids to choose from! One of these bids came in at about half of the UPS price, so I went for it. We got World Market to give us an additional 25% for all our trouble, so even with shipping we still got a pretty good deal.


  1. Great lines. Not too bulky and they fit the space great.

  2. I must say they look like they were assembled really well. :) Haha!