Thursday, December 15, 2011

Travel laundry and shoe bags

I've been meaning to make a travel laundry bag for the longest time. I usually just grab a plastic grocery bag and stuff it in my suitcase, but I wanted something that was reusable, and of course, pretty.  I had a couple of yards of blue linen left over from another project, which I used to sew a simple drawstring bag. (here's a good tutorial if you'd like to make your own). The lace panel on the front is actually a piece of fabric from an old blouse.

I also created a smaller version for my shoes, because who wants their dirty shoes packed next to their clean undies?

I used white cotton twill tape for the drawstrings and embroidered the word "laundry" onto the larger bag.

Zach laughed when he saw these and said they were very "Sarah."

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  1. I would agree...they are very "Sarah." :) They turned out cute!