Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bedspread and Table Runner

I inherited an antique iron bed and bedspread from my grandmother, which we use in our guest bedroom. The bedspread was extra long, made so you could pull it up over the pillows...like this

 I never made the bed that way, instead I folded the top of the bedspread down a couple of times and put the pillows on top. I could tell this was confusing to guests and they never quite knew how to remake the bed.

This was one of those simple projects that once I finally got around to doing only took half an hour to complete. I just cut off the extra length from the top of the bedspread and hemmed the edge.

I was deciding what to do with the fabric I cut off, not wanting to waste such a pretty textile, and realized it was the perfect length and width for a table runner; it even had tasseled fringe on both ends. I just hemmed the edge and it was ready for the table. I solved a problem and got a new table runner as a bonus!

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  1. So pretty, and ingenius! My grandmother has a bedspread like that on one of her beds...I was always really confused as a kid about how to make it up when I stayed in that room. :)