Monday, May 28, 2012

Changing Table

We purchased an antique empire style dresser on craigslist, to use as a changing table in the nursery.


It had a mirror, which we removed, but will probably put back on when we are no longer using it as a changing table. It also had casters on the bottom which we removed for safety. Poopy diaper + squirming baby + rolling dresser = bad news.

First we patched up the holes and dents with wood putty, then sanded with sandpaper. I used a belt sander to sand the dresser top and drawer fronts, then applied a liquid sander/deglosser to the rest of the dresser. I applied two coats of primer to the top and one coat to the rest of the dresser, then sanded it lightly with an extra fine grit sanding sponge. I used the leftover paint from our kitchen remodel, Sherwin Williams ProClassic in semigloss. It's held up very well on our kitchen cabinets, as well as the shelves in our office, and is not super shiny like some semi-gloss paints. I applied two coats of the semigloss, sanding in between coats, then let dry for about a week before putting the drawers back in and putting on the drawer pulls. (Drawer pulls are from Hobby Lobby).


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