Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nursery Progress

There are a few small things left to do, but for the most part the nursery is finished! 

Projects and purchases for this room include the FLOR rug, reupholstered chair, ottoman, crib skirt, changing table, curtains, and mobile.

Most of the decor and wall art were things we already had. The metal stars in the corner of the room were purchased on a trip to Mexico during college- the large star has colored marbles in it, and I made it into a lamp using a lamp kit.

The pictures above the crib are also from college, and have moved around with us from place to place. There was an amazing bookstore next to my mom's house called 75% Off Books, and everything there was super cheap. I bought two copies of a book called Little Bunny on the Move for 75 cents each (one to keep intact for reading and the other just for the illustrations). I tore out the illustrations I liked best and framed them in dollar store frames, which I painted and distressed. I was a little worried about hanging them above the crib and falling on baby's head, so Zach nail-gunned them into the wall- they're definitely staying put!

The amazing quilt hanging over the side of the crib was a gift from my friends Amanda and Jenn.

Empty frames, waiting for pictures of baby...


  1. So sweet. Many upcoming snuggles can be done here.

  2. It's beautiful! Not that I would have expected anything less from you :)

  3. Totally amazing. I love seeing how you design! Thank you for sharing the process. You're getting me very inspired to decorate Jude's new room!

  4. It looks gorgeous! Nice and peaceful, too!

  5. I absolutely love your nursery - it is so sweet and the perfect mix of vintage and modern. I hope you don't mind I am including a pic (with link) in a post tomorrow about my own nursery inspiration.