Friday, October 30, 2009

Making a List...

My Handmade Registry is a website which lets you create wish lists of all your favorite handmade items from Etsy. This could be dangerous. On the other hand, it will make Santa's job a lot easier.

Image from

But as much as I love handmade, I prefer, because it allows you to add any item from anywhere on the internet. I also found it easier to use. For all those early shoppers, here's a little peek at my Christmas wish list so far...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trash to Treasure

Remember that desk I rescued from the trash? It was feeling a little lonely without a chair by its side. Then, one day when I was driving home, I spotted a chair right around the corner from my house. Poor chair had been thrown into a ditch, and of course I decided to take it home with me. Chairs found in ditches require a lot of tlc, but this one was worth it since it was solid wood and just right for my desk. I sanded it down to find hunter green paint under its current red and yellow paint. Thats right, red and yellow...perfect for a fast food establishment but not quite the look I was going for. It's now a subtle shade of green with a crisp white cushion.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

S: We went to college station this past weekend and got to spend some much overdue time with our good friend Kelli. While there, we carved pumpkins for Halloween.
Z: I have to give mad props to the pumpkin. Despite being one of the only plants to get all kinds of scary evil images rendered into its orangy flesh, the pumpkin remains quite a festive and honorable old gourd. So here's to the pumpkin patches (read: farmers) of America for making wholesome tasty pumpkins sans devilry.

The messy part, scooping out all the pumpkin guts

Three hours and three broken knives later...

From left to right: Zach's goblin, Kelli's ghost castle, and Sarah's witch

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Broom Bags

I saw this idea for Halloween party favor bags and had been waiting for an occasion to make some. Each month our Sunday school class has dinner groups as a way for the couples to get to know one another better. Zach and I hosted an October group and I was excited to make the bags for our guests.

Using 8 brown craft sacks, a pair of scissors, twine, and some sticks I gathered from the yard, I was able to make 4 broom bags for $1.50 (plus the cost of candy to fill them). It only took about 10 minutes to make all four.

They also make really cute place settings

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chenille Sweets

I came across a super cute pattern for chenille cupcakes and ice cream by Ric Rac Sews on Etsy. My niece turned three this month so I made her a set.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Garage Organization Part 2

S: Zach and I usually wince at the idea of paying someone else for something we can do ourselves, which is why we now own a 20' extension ladder. We purchased it on craigslist (a steal for only $80) to paint the two story high walls in our dining area. 

Zach bravely painting. I couldn't make it to the top of the ladder so I stayed on the ground and held it for Zach.

S: Now what to do with a giant ladder that we will seldom use? Zach brainstormed and came up with a great solution for hanging it from the garage ceiling, along with our other, Sarah-sized, 8' ladder.
Z: In fact the whole garage seemed to be designed for Sarah-sized people with the ceilings only being 8ft. 8in. high. At 26, I don't think I'll ever grow past my 6ft 2in., so that means we've got almost 2 ft. of prime storage space against the garage ceiling. Storing both ladders against the ceiling ran about $25 for the 2x4's, pvc conduit, L brackets, threaded rod, nuts, and bolts.

S: And why stop there? Our bikes were taking up way too much space on the floor so we purchased two bike pulley systems online, for $12 each, and Zach got to work.

Z: These were actually very little work at all after I figured out the spacing. To start, I cut a 2x4 a little shorter than my bike. Then, I found the ceiling joists with my stud finder and secured the 2x4 to the joists using 3in deck screws. After measuring the distance from handle bars to bike seat, I secured each pulley plate to the 2x4 and ran the rope. The pulley even comes with a brake so that the bike will stay hoisted up without tension in the rope. I just repeated those steps for the second bike and offset the pulleys a bit so the bikes could squeeze closer together without the handlebars and pedals knocking together. The spacing proved very tricky, but nothing satisfies like playing Tetris with stuff in your garage. When I pulled Sarah's car back in the garage with everything fitting together, I half expected the room to blink white and the whole line of stuff on my ceiling to disappear.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Shae Marie

Our new niece is here! Sweet little Shae, we can't wait to meet you!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Find Felted Fun

My felted animals have made a few new friends this friday. Happy Find is featuring my bat in her Felted Fun feature!

Halloween Favorites Feature

Jennifer over at Jennifer Hayes Art was kind enough to include my needle felted spider in her Felt Friday-Halloween Favorites feature. Visit her blog to check out her other Halloween favorites and her own original art work.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Carlsbad the Bat

I thought October would be a good time to introduce a needle felted bat to my etsy shop. Meet Carlsbad the Bat:

Friday, October 2, 2009

Trash to Treasure

S: When I was in college I went out to check the mail and spied an old door set out with the neighbor's trash. I walked across the street to take a look and decided it had potential. So I picked up the entire door and carried it into my garage. The door had a decorative metal grate on the front, which I unscrewed from the rest of the door, then returned the door to the neighbor's trash...I wonder if they ever noticed. I gave it a couple of coats of spray paint to hide it's original shiny brass color.

This piece has had many uses, I hung it over my couch in college to separate the living room from the dining room.

Zach and I hung it on the wall in our first apartment, with a painted blue rectangle behind, to add a little color to the all white walls.

Now it's out on the patio of our home.

I wonder what we'll use if for next. It's like the Barbie of home decor, how many careers has that doll had?