Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Beeday!

Adeline turned one last month and we celebrated with a bee-themed party. Happy first birthday Addie!

The invites...

Honeycomb cake. To achieve the honeycomb texture, I pressed bubble wrap into the icing then refrigerated the cake for about 2 hours before removing the bubble wrap. The cake topper is a toy bee painted with gold acrylic paint.

Donut hole hive! The hive is made from a sytrofoam base, coverd in aluminum foil. The donut holes are attafhed to the base using toothpicks. I filled in the gaps between donut holes with buttercream frosting and decorated it with sugar bees. I used 12 dozen donut holes, but more may be needed depending on the size of your base.

I gold-leafed honey bear bottles and used them as vases

Party games included a beehive pinata, honeycomb punch-out game, and pin-the-stinger on the bee.

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