Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Guest Room Contest and Giveaway

My friend Beth  is in a very close contest to win a $6500 guest room makeover. Would you consider voting for her? Your vote could make the difference between her winning and losing! Please go like the Room Fu Page and then go to and push the large 'VOTE' button (not the 'like' button). Additionally, once you vote, you can enter into her 'giveaway for a giveaway' contest on her blog to win a free custom made crochet item of your choice!"

Chair Slipcovers

I made a set of ruffled chair slipcovers for my sister's dining room, six in all. This was the most fabric I have ever worked with! I purchased 35 yards of natural osnaburg fabric for the project. I started sewing them before Vera was born and finally finished them up last month.

Please ignore the droopiness at the top, these we made for a different style chair than what I have them on for the photos.

My sweet niece testing one out.